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ALL the fanfiction on this page contains Lemon.

Some of the stories will also contain:

cross-dressing, role-playing, sap, exhibitionism, voyeurism, self gratification, or alternate universes.

{ On The Good Ship Lollipop } { You're Never Fully Dressed
Without A Smile }
{ Private Screening }
Trowa has a hidden obsession, and when Quatre finds out he brings a dream to life.

*3x4* (cross-dressing, sap)
The sequel hinted to at the end of 'Lollipop'.

*3x4* (cross-dressing, role-playing)
Trowa plans a romantic surprise for Quatre.

*3x4* (sap)

Mirror Mirror
{ part one } { part two )

co-written with: (Jade)
{ part one } { part two } { part three }
Quatre and Trowa have fun in the strangest of places.. Little do they know they have a *very* attentive audience.

*3x4* and *1x2* (exhibitionism, voyeurism)
Trowa is a fearless Pirate Captain who's taken Quatre hostage.

*3x4* (alternate universe, sap, self gratification)

{ Splish Splash } { A Sticky Situation } { I Want Samoa That! }
Trowa injures himself.. So Quatre takes matters into his own hands.

*3x4* (self gratification, exhibitionism, voyeurism)
A pwp in every sense. Trowa and Quatre make a mess, which forces them to get cleaned up.

Trowa plans a surprise visit to Quatre, dressed as...

*4x3* (cross-dressing, role-playing, sap)

{ Just Call Me Angel } { Curiouser and Curiouser }
Why does Trowa call Quatre his angel? And what would happen if Quatre really looked like one?

*3x4* (sap, self gratification, exhibitionism, voyeurism)
Quatre and Trowa put a lemony twist on a classic children's book.

*3x4* (cross-dressing, role-playing, sap)

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