A W A R D S     A N D     S U C H

lovely awards my friends have bestowed upon me
from Blue Violet:

from Blue Violet:

from Hikaru:

from Krissi:

contests I've won
First Place (tied with Ash) in Dan's 3x4 Fanfic Contest.

Winner of A 2002 Zozzy Award.
The category: "Best Costume Design for God! Anything but a Clubbing Scene!" For Trowa's March Hare outfit in { Curiouser and Curiouser }

Second Place (in the Worst Lemon Category) in the Golden Tripe Fanfic Contest 2001. A Contest set up to let us write bad 3x4/4x3 fics on purpose. ^_^

contests I've participated in
Nanashi- The GW Fanfic Contest 2001

Abaku's seme Trowa Fanfic Contest 2001

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